People are unique.

We work with the world’s best thinkers to bring clarity to some of the most complex human issues.  Our research raises awareness and the bar.

We bring structure and direction to studying problems that may not be ready for an immediate built solution.  We lead efforts and work with organizations to understand the role architecture plays in people’s lives.  And we focus on translating and applying knowledge into executable strategies. 

We’re compassionate, thoughtful, and unconventional, with a purpose.  Our human-experience focused approach has led us down unexpected paths, and we’re proud of that.  Take a look at what Healthcare Design magazine has to say about our Founder, Matt Finn, when he was named the 2016 HCD 10 Researcher.

"Finn... says his role is to “ask the right questions and get the right people involved to find the best solutions.” In his nine-year career as an architect, he’s collaborated with a diverse set of professionals, from military veterans and clinical psychologists to acoustical engineers and pediatric nurses. His colleagues describe him as an “emerging leader of original thought and creativity,” particularly for his research into the connections between post-traumatic stress disorders and architectural design to develop a better understanding of human behavior within any environment."

Healthcare Design magazine, September 2016, page 36


Featured Work

Facilitating therapy for Veterans with PTSD can be a daunting topic for a designer.  Cognitive Design Founder Matt Finn created an inventive process that leveraged unconventional research methods and a wide network of collaborators to produce original insights and innovative design strategies.