Design Services

Architecture matters.

We enjoy good results, and so do our clients.  Founded by award-winning architect Matt Finn, we apply our experience working on some of the world’s highest performance buildings, to deliver world-class design… with a healthy twist. 

We offer full-service architectural and interior design services for commercial and residential projects for incredible clients, who are passionate about people. 


Case Studies

On Auburn Avenue in downtown Atlanta, one of the most culturally rich (and walkable) neighborhoods in the city, Cognitive Design designed a workspace for the 21st century gig economy into a 1910 Southern School Book Depository, originally designed by Hal Hentz & Neel Reid.


By incorporating natural and handcrafted materials, reducing visual clutter, and ensuring ample daylight in all the right spaces, Cognitive Design created an owners' suite that eases the mind while adding a sense of luxury to the most basic activities of daily living.